Fitness isn't always easy but it can be fun at times. How many times have we diet and exercise plans meanwhile the only running we accomplished was to the refrigerator to get another scoop of ice cream? Ha! You're not alone. I won't lie to you and act like I'm just one health nut. I start and stop my workout plans just as much as the next. I go through my pictures wanting that flat stomach back while taking another bite into my pizza too and I'm okay with that but when I get focused about a goal, it's the best feeling in the world to reach it. To be able to challenge yourself will force you to grow not just physically but mentally as well. I can't tell you when I first decided to write down my Bucket List Goals but I've always thought it would be cool to run and complete a marathon. However, I didn't think that I would actually be on my way to making that come true. They say when it comes to your goals that you should write them down because that is the first step to seeing your dreams out-loud. Write The Vision and Make It Plain. Well I wrote down that goal sometime last year and since then I've completed two 5k's, various hikes (my favorite activity) and lots of other physical activities in 2015 that I'll blog about along the way.

After my first 5k - The Color Run, Las Vegas, you couldn't tell me nothing. I had two goals going into this run. 1. Don't stop running. 2. Finish in 29 mins. I was 1 for 2. I didn't stop running but I finished at 31 minutes. I beat myself up for it but was still on cloud 9 for crossing run #1 off of my list because it brought me one step closer to this crazy marathon idea. I had trained for two months learning my body (boy did we fight), training my breathing, practicing in rain, cold and various weather conditions. It wasn't easy but it was doable. I couldn't figure out how these cute little Instagram models made it look so effortless but the second I seen results, I couldn't have been more proud that I actually went through with running and training. The feeling I felt after my run was a memory I will never forget. My adrenaline was so high and it was definitely a memory of feeling proud, accomplished, liberated and disciplined. I knew I wanted that feeling again. I needed it.

My second 5k - Dash for Donors, was more of a random run for me. I was invited by my roommate to support a friend of hers who created this 5k in memory of her father. I hadn't trained since my last run which had been 5 months prior. I had been on vacations, food binges and countless other unhealthy practices that were far from 5k ready but surprisingly enough, I didn't stop running and I ran this within 27 minutes. Wait, what? YES! I did that. I couldn't believe it either. I was thinking "so should I just not train?" because I did better with no practice and plenty of YOLO moments in between lol. Whatever the case, I won't complain. I'll take it as another way to prove to myself that I can, I will.

So with two 5k's under my belt, what's next? Well, I'm currently back to training since September 1st for my 10k. I can't lie and say that I'm not nervous but I'm mentally preparing myself along the way. I've figured out the perfect running plan which will be to complete my 1 mile without stopping then follow with running my 1 mile to beat my time. Once I reach my goal time back to back, I will then increase my 1 mile to 2 miles and continue that method until I reach 7. A 10k is 6.2 miles. From the 10k I will began to train for the half marathon then the full marathon. For me, running is all about keeping a happy and positive mind. The moment I doubt myself, my body reacts negatively and that's not what I'm here to do. I'm here to prove to myself that I can and that I will. So stay tuned for this Journey To a Marathon and my fitness activities along the way.

What is your favorite fitness activity?
What are your fitness goals?
Let's chat. Comments welcome.

Last month I was interviewed by the beautiful and oh so talented, Brittney Parker. You may know her from her popular Youtube Channel or you may have seen her in a city near you. Whatever the case, I was honored to have been thought of enough for her to interview me. Not only was I honored but I was moved by the questions asked because as with most interviews, most questions are the same but these questions actually made me think...
Here are a couple questions that were asked of me...I thought I would share because you never know who is watching, reading and listening. Perhaps I can encourage others...

What sets your vision apart from others?
What sets my vision apart from others is quite simple; it’s mine. I may share similarities with like minded individuals but there is not a soul on this earth that can tell my story, share my truth or bring my vision to life the way I can. What God has for me is for me.

Visionistas are blessed to be a blessing, what do you want to overflow to the people around you?

As a Visionista, I would love for my happiness and positivity to overflow into every single individual I come in contact with. I am genuinely a happy person and whether you know me or not, I’m usually always smiling. I truly believe that a woman’s smile is her greatest curve and it’s soooo freaking contagious. There are too many miserable people walking this earth that have the power to make others miserable but love, success and God don’t live there so don’t give me the address.

To read the full interview, click HERE! Thank you again Brittney.

Can I share a secret with you all? The girl who calls herself a Women Empowerment Expert still struggled with minor self-esteem issues. Yes, that was me.

It was so easy to build someone else up and encourage others to see the beauty in themselves but when it came to my own being, I struggled. I had about 75% of my self love journey figured out. I was sharp in most areas but that 25% always found a way to creep up on me. This little voice inside of my head and not my heart was always going against what I thought I had control over. But girl was I wrong. 

It's easy to talk about it now because I am over that stage in my life. I'm so happy and comfortable in my skin and not only do I not allow myself to listen to the negativity of others, feed into what society forces us to believe about ourselves but the biggest hurdle of them all that I have finally jumped over is the stories I tell myself about myself. 

I can look myself in the mirror and smile, confidently, unapologetically. I can say no without reason. I can give without expecting. I can laugh out loud and really mean it. 

This picture was just taken this past weekend. I can confidently say no filter. And so what I have makeup on. I'm proud that I did that myself too. lol. No but seriously, this photo serves as memory to the very first day that I've reached my 100% self love accomplishment. 

Marking off my to-do list every chance I get. I love to travel and I plan to do more of that in 2014. In my post 50 Things To Do In 2014, #21 was Visit One State I've Never Been To. 18 days into January and that was accomplished.

Thank you Dallas for helping me cross that off of my list.